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IEWC Buys Jupiter Communications

Nov. 20, 2020
The deal builds IEWC's presence in data centers and the global market.

IEWC Global Solutions, Milwaukee, recently acquired Jupiter Communications, Chandler, AZ, a supplier of telecommunications, power and connectivity solutions. IEWC says the deal is a strategic move to go after the “dynamic growth” in the North American telecom, central offices and data center markets.

“IEWC and Jupiter Communications have developed a strong partnership over five years, and this acquisition is the culmination of the growth the two organizations have achieved by offering new solutions to the telecom industry in North America,” said Mike Veum, CEO of IEWC, in the press release.  “With this move, we are expanding to be a global provider for telecom companies and data centers, enabling us to enter these North America markets with the deep expertise and customer relationships that Jupiter has earned through their 16 years in telecommunications.”

The 60-year-old IEWC provides wire and cable materials to equipment manufacturers and sub-assemblers in an array of market verticals and reportedly has a strong presence in telecom and data centers in the United Kingdom.

The press release said Jupiter Communications’ customers are primarily wireless and cable television system integrators and DC power contractors. Jamie Leonescu, founder and president of Jupiter Communications, says the acquisition will help Jupiter Communications expand its supply chain and logistics capabilities and dramatically increasing its operational footprint in the United States, Canada and Mexico. He will head up a new division for IEWC focusing on Jupiter’s market focus and continue leading the Jupiter Communications team and operations in Chandler, AZ. Founded in 2004, Jupiter is a contract manufacturer, distributor, value-added reseller and full service system integrator.

The 58-year-old IEWC is an employee-owned company with 26 locations in nine countries, serving customers in 96 countries.