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Sept. 10, 2021
Get access to all the content on the Electrical Marketing site, including Electrical Sales Potential Estimates, with your $99 annual subscription.

Get Comprehensive Electrical Market Data For $99/Year! 

With your membership to Electrical Marketing, you get a unique package of online electrical market data not available anywhere else in the industry for just $99 per year.  

In addition to keeping you current on industry news with its regular twice-a-month issues, Electrical Marketing members get a wealth of regularly updated electrical market data including:

  • Electrical Sales Potential at the county, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), state, and national level
  • Electrical Product Sales Estimates at the State & National Level
  • Regularly updated building permit and population data at the local and state level
  • Electrical Marketing's Construction Project Database, which contains info on hundreds of construction projects on the drawing boards or underway

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Membership Includes:

1. Electrical Sales Potential Data

Marketing executives in the electrical industry rely on Electrical Marketing's electrical sales estimates to size up market potential in electrical contractor and industrial segments on the county, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), state and national levels. All data is updated on a quarterly basis and includes estimates for total market size for each geography, contractor, and industrial estimates and estimates for Core Electrical Potential, the combined total of electrical contractor and industrial sales, which typically accounts for approximately 75% of all electrical sales in a market.

Here are five ways electrical executives use this data:

  1. Sizing up a local market as a potential site for a new branch.
  2. Identifying the fastest-growing local markets in a state of region
  3. Developing sales goals by county, MSA or state for field salespeople, independent manufacturers' reps and factory sales personnel.
  4. Using the data in presentatino to bank loan officers, investors or acquirers
  5. Painting a picture of local market potential for new vendors, reps or employees

It's data you can trust. Electrical Marketing's editors develop these sales estimates using the sales-per-employee estimates from Electrical Wholesaling's annual Market Planning Guide.

2. Local Market Sales Estimates

This dataset is provided in two ways:

  • Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Data. This data set includes electrical sales potential estimates at the MSA, state, and national levels.
  • County-Level Data. Similar to the MSA data set, but the electrical sales potential estimates are broken down to the county level.

3. Construction Project Database

When you consider that electrical construction work accounts for an estimated 10% of the typical cost of a construction project, you can see why it's important to keep tabs on large projects in your market.

Electrical Marketing's dataset of large construction projects of at least $100 million in total contract value that are either underway or in the planning stage.

4. Population Data

Watching population growth or decline is a quick-and-easy way of seeing whether sales potential in a market will be growing or declining in the future. The U.S. Census Bureau published population estimates at the county, MSA, state, and national levels each July. The latest MSA and state available data is from 2021; county data is from 2020. Data last updated 9/1/2022.

5. Market Acquisition Dataset

This data set contains all of the acquisitions Electrical Marketing has reported on over the last 30-plus years.

6. Building Permits Dataset

This dataset contains MSA-level U.S. building permit data. Residential construction typically accounts for 15% to 20% of the typical electrical distributors' business, and this data can help you get a quick read on the hottest housing markets. The building permit data from the U.S. Census Bureau is also considered to be an accurate leading indicator of a local market's future commercial construction potential because once new housing developments are built, retail, commercial, and institutional construction like gas stations and strip malls, offices, doctors' offices and hospitals, churches, synagogues and other places of worship. Data last updated March 2023 with 2022 year-end data.

7. Strategic Planning Tools

In addition to comprehensive data, you get these valuable tools that help you understand where the electrical market is today:

  • Market Planning Guide.  Electrical Wholesaling's famous sales forecasts at the national and regional level. Updated every November.
  • Top 150 Distributors Ranking.  Electrical Wholesaling's annual ranking of the largest electrical distributors in North America is one of our most popular articles of the year. The ranking is published every May.
  • EW's Electrical Pyramid. For close to 30 years, electrical marketers and other industry executives have used Electrical Wholesaling's Electrical Pyramid analyze the channels of distribution in the electrical market. Updated annually.
  • Electrical Markets 101. Electrical Wholesaling's popular series of articles on the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Markets offers a great overview of the key markets for electrical products.

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