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Mayer Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

March 7, 2019
Wes Smith, president of Mayer Electric Supply, says the NEMRA POS Minimum Reporting Standards will help reps get properly compensated for their sales efforts and supporting local branches.

Mayer Electric Supply, Birmingham, AL, locations spanning from Pennsylvania to Florida and westward into Texas, and a leading IMARK member, has joined 40 manufacturers/brands, endorsing national chains and other leading independent distributors in endorsing NEMRA’s POS Minimum Reporting Standards. While Mayer has provided its key partners with POS information, it recognizes that the variances in information requested and formats desired is a channel inefficiency.

According to Wes Smith, President of Mayer, “Endorsing the NEMRA POS Minimum Reporting Standards makes sense on multiple fronts. First, we strongly believe that our manufacturer agent partners should be compensated for their sales efforts and supporting our branches. Second, the format streamlines the collection process and ensures data accuracy for manufacturers. Defining POS as “place of sale” helps ensure confidentiality for distributors with information being at the zip code level.  We can share these Minimum Reporting Standards with all of our manufacturers, and the standard enables us to share additional information with key strategic relationships as mutually agreed upon. Finally, the industry as a whole will see a measurable benefit by adopting these standards, so I strongly encourage all distributors and manufacturers to adopt.”

Smith also said in the press release, “While we’ve endorsed the standards, we are also in the process of implementing them and anticipate providing POS information to manufacturers in the NEMRA format in the very near future.”

Ken Hooper, president of NEMRA, said in the release, “Mayer is one if the industry’s leaders and having them recognize the importance of POS, affirm their commitment to supporting the NEMRA members that support Mayer, as well as endorse and adopt the NEMRA POS Minimum Reporting Standards will help all manufacturers, reps and hopefully encourage other distributors to adopt the standards.”

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