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IDEA Freshens Up with New Names for IDW and IDX and New Website

March 3, 2018
Now called IDEA Connector and IDEA Exchange, the industry's product database and data transfer platforms get a new look and feel.

IDEA (formerly the Industry Data Exchange Association), Arlington, VA, has updated its branding to coincide with the release of newly enhanced application platforms for its data services. Effective March 1, what was known as the Industry Data Warehouse or IDW is now IDEA Connector and the IDX data transfer platform is now IDEA Exchange. The association also revealed a new website.

Behind the new names are significant reworkings of IDEA’s technology platforms. IDEA Connector is a master data management (MDM) platform that enables manufacturers and distributors to securely exchange accurate and timely product information to enhance data management, increase the efficiency of handling product data and improve data quality and data security.

IDEA Exchange is a digital integration platform that provides electronic data interchange (EDI) service that enables trading partners to exchange e-business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices. The service is focused on handling product data faster, easier, and more securely than traditional value-added networks (VANs) or paper-based methods and eliminating redundant processes and errors while increasing speed and operational control.

“These name changes merge nicely with our overall branding strategy,” said Mike Wentz, IDEA’s executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “Over the years we’ve had customers who confuse the name of our organization with the product name—referring to IDEA as the IDW and vice versa. We want to eliminate brand confusion and ensure that customers are as familiar with what our product is called as they are with what it does.”

IDEA said in a release that its new branding "reflects the evolution and ongoing digital transformation occurring in the industries we serve and our technology investments intended to meet current and future demands. The new product names are intended to help customers better understand the essential functions and capabilities of IDEA’s products and services. IDEA’s technology upgrades will provide better customer satisfaction, increased operating efficiency and ultimately more profitability for our users."

As part of its branding strategy, IDEA has relaunched its website, hosted at the domain This new website provides information and education tools on IDEA’s products including e-business standards and best practices on e-commerce, EDI, e-business, and other technology trends. Partners and customers also have easier access to news, events, updates, press releases, and case studies through the new site.