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Illustration 60886103 / Kheng Ho To / Dreamstime

Leviton Adds to Residential and Commercial Automation with ClickOn Acquisition

Aug. 8, 2014

In a move to expand its offerings around residential and commercial automation systems, Leviton Manufacturing, Melville, N.Y., announced it has acquired all shares of ClickOn Technology, Pretoria, South Africa, a manufacturer of automation technology ranging from remote-control switching to fully integrated building automation.

Leviton has worked with ClickOn over the years, using a number of the company’s automation solutions to enhance its Security and Automation product offerings. As part of the acquisition, Leviton will bring ClickOn’s entire product line into the Leviton family of solutions, including a remote control system that provides convenient, secure and reliable control of any electrical system and appliance from a single device.

“As home automation continues as a growth opportunity for Leviton, we are excited to add ClickOn’s DIN rail lighting control solutions to our extensive product offering,” Bruno Filio, V.P. of sales and international business development at Leviton, said in a release. “This acquisition … provides our worldwide customers with the best technologies and affordable easy-to-use control solutions to meet their needs.”

The acquisition of ClickOn Technology is part of Leviton’s acquisition strategy to drive growth and innovation. Among recent moves along this strategic line, the company has acquired JCC Advanced Lighting, a UK-based manufacturer of LED lighting that gave it both an expanded lighting option and a new footprint in the European market. In 2012, it bought Home Automation Inc., New Orleans, which gave the wiring device giant a much larger play in the home automation market. And in 2011 it bought Obvius Solutions, a Portland, Ore.-based manufacturer of measurement and monitoring hardware.

ClickOn does its development, final assembly and testing of products in its own Pretoria facilities to ensure quality. Leviton opened its own South African facility in February this year, a plant in Johannesburg that provides commercial lighting solutions to the African market through specialized distributors.