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Eaton Bolsters Smart Home Business with Sunverge Alliance

June 18, 2020
The collaboration will blend Eaton's intelligent circuit breaker technology with Sunverge's residential energy management capabilities.

Sunverge, San Francisco, a provider of distributed energy resource (DER) control, orchestration and aggregation platform, recently announced a strategic collaboration with Eaton, Beachwood, OH, to bring together Sunverge’s advanced intelligent energy management platform and Eaton’s energy management circuit breakers. The partnership will allow more control into the home’s energy profile.

By offering a home energy management solution that integrates Eaton’s intelligent circuit-level load management offering, Sunverge is “poised to accelerate the growth of the smart home market without dependence on the consumer adoption cycle of smart home appliances.”

Integrating Eaton’s energy management circuit breakers with the Sunverge platform will deliver to utilities an all-in-one solution for integrated and holistic smart home energy management, DER (Distributed Energy Response) control and dynamic, flexible load management. This in turn will offer utilities integrated base load and peak load management services and additional grid services.

“Through this collaboration, utilities will realize significant upstream gains through near real-time orchestration, aggregation and dynamic load management at the distribution circuit level, resulting in both better resiliency and far greater overall system flexibility and reliability,” said Sunverge CEO Martin Milani in the release.

“Eaton’s Energy Management Circuit Breaker provides utilities with intelligence and control at the grid edge while enabling real-time management of home electrical loads at the branch circuit level,” added Andrew Bouthilet, VP segment solutions at Eaton. “This granular level of insight and control paired with Sunverge’s real-time DER control and aggregation platform will enable flexible load management, which is critical to enabling fully electrified homes and buildings. We’re excited to work with Sunverge to deliver on this promise.”