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Amp Up Your Lunch Break with Klein and Dine

Coming to a jobsite near you – Authentic Klein and Dine Cuisine!

Everybody knows the story about Mathias Klein, who completed the first pair of Klein Pliers for a telegraph lineman in need in 1857. The story that, until today has gone untold, details this innovator’s endless appetite to further meet tradespeople’s needs across all jobsites. Shortly after forging a new half to a broken pair of side-cutting pliers, Mathias headed to his cast iron stove with an idea – a sandwich that could restore his energy needed to finish the day’s work.

Lunchtime is a crucial part of the day for any tradesperson to recharge between challenging tasks. These well-deserved breaks also help prevent jobsite fatigue while decreasing the chance of risks. That’s why Klein Tools’ team of engineers, craftsman and workers are proud to announce a new jobsite service that extends beyond our well-known heritage of high-quality, professional-grade hand tools.Click on the link below to check on what Klein has in mind for job-site lunches.

Coming to a jobsite near you – Authentic Klein and Dine Cuisine!




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