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Journee zinnia luminaire

LED Lighting Consolidation: EcoSense expands reach with Journee acquisition

LED lighting manufacturer EcoSense Lighting, Los Angeles, acquired the assets of Journée Lighting, a privately owned, California-based lighting company that specializes in the design and development of specification grade lighting.

Founded in 2005 by serial entrepreneur Clayton Alexander, Journée has become known for innovations including significant patents ranging from component-level to system-level solutions. This acquisition allows EcoSense to enter the downlight and track lighting market and leverage Journée’s IP for future product development efforts.

“We began exploring a partnership with Journée because they embody the same innovation philosophies when it comes to product development,” said Mark Reynoso, CEO of EcoSense, by e-mail. “Their approach to product development has also resulted in a very strong IP portfolio. This acquisition allows us to enter the downlight and track lighting market and leverage new IP for future product development efforts.”


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