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AD electrical member sales up +10% in Q1 2017

AD, the Wayne, PA-based buying/marketing group, said sales for its electrical members were up 10% in the first quarter of 2017.
AD, with $34.4 billion in total combined member sales across all of its seven of its divisions in three countries, said total member sales grew by 8% in 2017 Q1. By country, AD member U.S. sales were up 8%; AD Canada was up 9% and AD Mexico grew 15%.  By industry, Electrical was up 10%; PHCP was up 8%; Industrial/PT were up 7%; and Building Materials was up 16%.

Bill Weisberg, AD’s Chairman and CEO said in the press release,  “We are pleased to see that AD independents continued to take market share and grow at a pace that’s greater than their overall industries and countries. Construction markets were robust with commodity pricing turning from deflationary to inflationary. Industrial markets are doing a good bit better than 2016. Purchases from AD suppliers grew by 17% in Q1, and net distributions to AD members grew by 18%.”


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