Synergy Signify

Rep News

July 6, 2023

Synergy Electrical Sales

Synergy Electrical Sales has been appointed as the new representative for Signify’s professional luminaires and lighting control systems in the Philadelphia market.

As of August 22, the company will support C&I projects with the following brands: Interact, Color Kinetics, Philips Dynalite and the Genlyte Solutions portfolio, which includes Chloride, Day-Brite, Ledalite and Lightolier for indoor applications and Gardco, Hadco, Lumec and Stonco for outdoor applications.

Synergy has represented Signify’s Philips lamps and Advance ballasts since 2021. Synergy said in a post that the partnership will enhance services across all three divisions of its business: architectural design solutions, engineered energy solutions and electrical wholesale channel solutions.

Scheel Martin/JD Martin

Greg Baker, CEO of JD Martin, recently announced that one of the company’s operating companies, Schell Martin, has expanded its partnership with Leviton in two additional markets — south Louisiana and southern Mississippi. George O’Neil, a seasoned electrical industry veteran, will bring his product knowledge and expertise to the expansion as he supports the effort. O’Neil is shifting from his 37-year career at Leviton into a newly created role at Schell. With the current expansion, JD Martin and the firm’s affiliated operating companies now represent Leviton in four states — Texas, Colorado, Louisiana and Mississippi.