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Generac Power Systems Acquires Industrial IoT Software Provider

Oct. 6, 2022

Generac, Waukesha, WI, acquired Blue Pillar, an industrial internet of things (IoT) platform developer that designs, deploys and manages Industrial IoT network software solutions to enable distributed energy generation monitoring and control in a more seamless and easy-to-use format. According to the press release, Generac and Blue Pillar share a mutual customer base, with compatible product offerings that work together to provide a total connectivity solution to commercial and industrial customers. Generac plans to further integrate the Blue Pillar platform into its power generation products and, in connection with Generac Grid Services’ projects, provide valuable monitoring and control as a built-in feature.

Erik Wilde, executive vice president of Industrial – Americas at Generac, said in the press release, “The Blue Pillar platform is a powerful value-add to Generac’s energy ecosystem, providing a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to meet each project’s unique specifications. As a result of the acquisition, we will be able to provide customers and utility partners with an even broader suite of services, including holistic site monitoring.