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The Cosmic Copper Market

March 18, 2018
Sometimes, the gyrations of the copper market are tough to explain.  But The Copper Journal’s John Gross says every once in a while the stars align and it makes perfectly good sense.

So, Mike calls me this past Wednesday night, and I hear excitement in his voice. “John, you are not going to believe this,” he says.

Before I go any further, let me tell you about my man Michael. He is a copper guy through and through. And like many a copper guy, he lives in Arizona, the Copper State.

Not only that, he lives at the foothills of Superstition Mountain, and spends a fair amount of time searching for the “Lost Dutchman Mine,” and quite frequently he goes up to the Vortex in Sedona to recharge his batteries.

Mike is one of the smartest and creative individuals I know. He gets more ideas in a week than most people get in a year.  I sometimes call him “my mad scientist friend.” He is the kind of person who, when he blew up the chemistry lab in high school, said “Yeah well, OK, but at least the experiment worked.

 Anyway, back to the phone call:

 Mike: Did you hear that Stephen Hawking passed away today?

John: Yes, I saw that in the news.

Mike: John, did you know that today is pi day?

John: You mean pie, as in P I E?

Mike: No, pi as in the circumference of a circle.

John: Right, I did see something about March 14th being 3.14 . . . .

Mike: Did you know that Albert Einstein was born on March 14th?

John: Well, no, I wasn’t aware of that.

Mike: There’s more. Hawking and Einstein were both 76 when they died.

John: Really!

Mike: Are you ready for this?

John: What?

Mike: March copper closed at $3.14 today!

John: Wow!

Mike: John, it’s no coincidence, copper is connected to the cosmos.

That guy Mike, is he brilliant or what?

Elsewhere, our markets are still trying to find their footing following recent turbulence, but stepping back to look at the big picture, the underlying rising trends remain intact.

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