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Crescent Electric to Sell Mitsubishi Electric UPS Products

Aug. 19, 2018
Crescent Electric, Mitsubishi Electric UPS Products

Crescent Electric Supply Company, East Dubuque, IL, has announced an agreement with Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (MEPPI) to distribute the company’s portfolio of uninterruptible power supplies and associated lines of battery and switchgear solutions. Mitsubishi UPS systems are available in both single and multi-module configurations and a broad range of capacities from 6kVA to over 2MVA. Their product offering incorporates both modular and non-modular designs and several voltages, including 120/240V, 120/208V, and 480V.

“The addition of MEPPI products to the Crescent Electric Supply Company’s portfolio further reinforces our commitment to both critical power applications and energy saving solutions for our customers. MEPPI’s products, coupled with Crescent Electric’s network of application engineers creates a win-win partnership,” noted Steve Holdsworth, VP, strategic initiatives at Crescent Electric Supply.

“Crescent’s distribution network enables us to better serve regions and market segments that our traditional sales channel may not have been reaching. As the cost of downtime is increasing and impacting more and more businesses, we look forward to delivering Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions to the customers of Crescent Electric,” added Tricia Breeger, general manager MEPPI UPS Division.