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Leviton Withdraws From OnQ Acquisition

May 1, 2003
Leviton cancels deal with OnQ Technologies in residential structured wiring market.

Leviton Manufacturing Co. announced that after lengthy investigation and for mutual business reasons, it has exercised its right not to acquire OnQ Technologies Inc. Leviton will continue to direct the structured wiring and applications operations of its Leviton Integrated Networks (LIN) and Decora Home Controls (DHC) businesses from its corporate headquarters in Little Neck, N.Y.

According to Harold Leviton, president and CEO of Leviton Manufacturing, “After many months of discussion and exploring integration with OnQ Technologies, we have developed admiration and respect for the OnQ staff. We do believe, however, that it is in the best interest of all parties concerned for Leviton to carry out our commitment to the residential home systems market based on the business model we have developed and refined over our many years of service to the industry.”

Leviton customers will continue to place orders for Leviton Integrated Networks and Decora Home Controls products directly with Leviton. The company will continue to focus support on its Builder Sales Program, Installer Certification Program and other residential home systems training initiatives.