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Today's Electrical Economy Podcast - Episode 84 - Audio Only - 11/20/2023 Update

Nov. 30, 2023
Episode # 84 of the Today's Electrical Economy podcast looks at the latest trends in Electrical Marketings’ Electrical Price Index. Sponsored by Champion Fiberglass.
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Work-at-Home Trend Radically Reshaping Corporate Demand for New Office Space

Aug. 24, 2023
The Aug. 23 news that investment banker Goldman Sachs wants all employees in its offices five days a week highlights just how quickly and dramatically the office environment has...
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Podcast: EW Executive Insights Q&A with Lincoln Smith of HMI Performance Incentives

Nov. 20, 2020
Editor-in-Chief Jim Lucy sits down with HMI's Lincoln Smith to discuss he role of incentive programs for electrical distributors and manufacturers, how COVID-19 has forced adjustments...
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Speaking Out: Mega Agencies Vs. Smaller Reps

Sept. 28, 2017
While mega rep agencies are gaining strength in many markets, the author believes the future of small and mid-sized rep agencies is bright.
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Inventor Thomas Edison on Sticking to It

Thomas Edison’s 10 Most Inspiring Quotes

Sept. 22, 2014
Next month will mark the 135th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s first successful test of an incandescent lightbulb. As one of the greatest inventors of all time and a founder of...

EW's Quote of the Day: 12/6/2013

Dec. 6, 2013
Check out what Nelson Mandela had to say on leadership.

EW's Quote of the Day

Oct. 10, 2013
Tony Ciaverelli from New Light Logistics sent in a quote today from Marcel Proust.

EW's Quote of the Day

Oct. 8, 2013
"The day you are not solving problems or are not up to your butt in problems is probably a day you are no longer leading" -- Colin Powell, Former U.S. Secretary of State and retired...

EW's Quote of the Day

Oct. 7, 2013
Got a great quote? Check out Electrical Wholesaling's new Quote of the Day feature by clicking here.

Distributors, Manufacturers & Reps See Big-Time Sales Now in Oil & Gas Market

April 5, 2013
EM’s editors are hearing quite a bit lately about new sales opportunities in the oil and gas market.
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Wondering what to do with odd lengths of wire?

March 28, 2013
When you have odd bits of wire cluttering a corner of the warehouse, sure, you could sell them to the scrapper, but there are more creative ways to approach the situation. Website...