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Osram Extends Lighting Services Reach with Acquisition of Maneri-Agraz

Lighting manufacturer Osram, based in Munich with its U.S. headquarters in Wilmington, MA, moved to strengthen its lighting services business in the U.S. by acquiring the business operations of Maneri-Agraz Enterprises, Houston, a national provider of energy-efficient lighting solutions in commercial and industrial facilities.

Maneri-Agraz will be part of Osram’s service division Sylvania Lighting Solutions (SLS), which is a segment of Osram’s Lighting Solutions business unit.

Osram didn’t characterize the overall size of Maneri-Agraz except to say the company has annual revenue “in the low double-digit millions” of U.S. dollars. Maneri-Agraz’s client base includes large, well-known food and beverage manufacturing and distribution facilities, as well as technology companies and aerospace facilities, among others.

Maneri-Agraz provides its solutions to a variety of markets, ranging from manufacturing and warehousing to retail and the public sector. The deal allows Osram’s service business to increase its reach in the South and Southwest region of the U.S. in the commercial and industrial business sector.

“The acquisition demonstrates Osram’s commitment to pursuing opportunities that fit our strategic growth plans, and to expanding our service-oriented business,” said Eladia Pulido, CEO of Osram Lighting Solutions.

Maneri-Agraz founder John Maneri will serve as a consultant under his firm’s new ownership and his business partner Frank Agraz, Jr., will join SLS as a business development manager.

“Maneri-Agraz has taken great pride in delivering the highest quality service to our customers for more than 20 years, and we are proud to become part of the Sylvania Lighting Solutions team,” said Maneri in a release.

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