Obituary: Maurice Electrical Supply's Marvin Kogod

Marvin Kogod, 88, a long-time executive with Maurice Electrical Supply, Washington, D.C., passed away today in Boca Raton, Fla. His wife, Muriel, predeceased him.

Kogod joined the family business in 1951 and focused on the lighting side of the business. He quickly realized that to succeed with larger contractors he would need to develop a commercial department, a decision that was the foundation of much of the company's future growth in the D.C. market.

Kogod retired in 1994 to Boca Raton to play tennis and golf. His sons, Bruce and Mark, continued the family business until it was sold in 2008 to US Electrical Services Inc. Grandson Jack Kogod works in the commercial lighting department at Maurice that Marvin started.

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