Distributors Warn Customers on Lead Times for Lighting Fixtures

Some days, it's rough out there for the middleman. Electrical distributors have recently found themselves caught between customers pushing to fast-track long-awaited construction projects and lighting manufacturers forced to stretch out lead times on fixtures due to a widespread shortage of electronic ballasts.

According to distributors, the shortage started to affect shipments in May or June, and seems primarily to affect linear rapid-start electronic ballasts. Manufacturers seem to be affected to varying degrees, and none are eager to talk about it for fear of losing orders.

The impact has fallen harder on large project business, distributors said. Manufacturers seem to have enough product to fill into-stock orders, but quotes on fixtures specified for large construction projects have become a major headache, with delivery times stretching out by 50 percent or even doubling. Distributors said some manufacturers have suspended their “quick-ship” programs due to uncertainties about whether they'll be able to meet demand.

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