A-D announces 2011 sales results

AD Announces Electrical Divisions' 2011 Year-End Results

Commitment to Independent Distributors Yields Double-Digit Growth

Affiliated Distributors (AD), Wayne, Pa., released their Electrical Divisions' year-end results with US sales having grown 19% to $11.2 billion and Canadian sales having grown 10% to $852 million, respectively. AD Affiliates also set new records for both net distributions and return on remittances.

David Oldfather, president, Electrical Divisions, said "Our commitment to exclusively supporting independent electrical distributors of all sizes is definitely yielding some impressive results. In addition to experiencing above market growth during this past year, our affiliates added over 950 new distributor employees, made 14 acquisitions, and approved the addition of 38 new Clean Energy Suppliers to the AD Preferred Supplier list.” Oldfather adds, “Our AD Clean Energy program, along with AD's willingness to pursue new growth opportunities for both our distributors and suppliers should help stimulate additional growth in 2012 and beyond.”

According to Bill Weisberg, CEO, “In spite of tremendous market uncertainty and stiff competition, our independent distributors and suppliers battled back from the depths of the Great Recession to sales levels that now exceed their peak in 2008.”

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