Panasonic Lighting Americas Partners with Pointr to Offer Connected Lighting Solutions

July 9, 2020
An interesting partnership in connected lighting.

Panasonic Lighting Americas, Nashville, TN, recently announced a partnership with Pointr, a London-based provider of location-based services. The deal enables the companies to pair connected lighting solutions with real-time location-based services.

As Panasonic and Pointr envision it, a Panasonic-Pointr connected lighting solution will be integrated with a facility’s Content Management System (CMS) so building visitors can interact with the venue in real-time for a personalized customer experience. The system can direct the visitor to any destination within the building — whether to a specific product in the store, meeting room or hospital room.

“The partnership with Panasonic Lighting Americas was a natural fit for Pointr, and we look forward to bringing the power of location-based services indoors,” said Ege Akpinar, CEO of Pointr, in the press release. “As businesses reopen, people now have a smart concierge in their pocket, whether they’re at work, in a shop, at an airport or at a resort. ‘SMART’ LED lighting combined with Deep Location allows us to create safer and more efficient spaces, enabling enhanced user experience while also improving operations in smart offices, retail stores, airports, industrial buildings and hospitals.”