Lighting Market Continues Strong and the Future Looks Bright

June 28, 2018
The latest lighting research from Channel Marketing Group and William Blair points toward a healthy lighting market for Q3 2018.

Channel Marketing Group, Raleigh, NC, and William Blair released their Q2 Pulse of Lighting report which draws on input from more than 200 distributors, manufacturers and reps/agents. The lighting market remains strong with higher expectations in Q3 2018. Key highlights of the report include:

  • 5-7% sales growth (changes by audience) in the face of a 4% price erosion due to the competitive environment and product mix
  • Key growth segments are the small to medium-sized renovation projects with industrial retrofits gaining some traction.  The large new construction market is the slowest growth segment.
  • About one-third of distributor respondents stated that they have increased their inventory levels
  • Strong expectations for Q3 … and this is further evidenced by a higher percent reporting an increase in their backlog.
  • When asked about IoT adoption and lighting controls, feedback is that there is slow adoption of IoT as defined as “customer requests” but the percent of projects/proposals that include lighting controls remains strong.
  • The “Big 7” lighting companies share of business may be in further decline.  The share of sales for the Top 7 lighting companies, based on distributor input, declined 3.2 points to 58.1% from 62.3

To learn more about this report’s findings click here.  To purchase the complete report, with respondent comments for only $19, go to the Research Reports section on ElectricalTrends.  Survey respondents received a complimentary copy of the report.