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LG Bets Big on OLED Lighting

Dec. 8, 2017
The Korean electronics giant intends to lead the global lighting market in a move toward OLEDs.

LG Display, Seoul, Korea, has started mass production at its new Gen 5 OLED light panel production line in Gumi, Korea, and launched a new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) light brand, Luflex. LG has been making inroads in general LED lighting in the United States over the past few years with a growing network of lighting reps and an offering including troffers, high-bay lighting, downlights and tubes.

With the launch of Luflex, the company seeks to lead the global lighting market in OLED panels for automotive markets, at first, and then commercial lighting. Luflex is a portmanteau of “lux” (light in Latin) and “flexibility,” reflecting a core characteristic of OLED lighting – that it is flexible, bendable and rollable, making it highly design-friendly. It can be integrated into various unusual applications, such as mirrors and furniture.

“LG Display’s step to start mass production at the new line marks a significant turning point in the lighting industry,” said Sung Soo Park, vice president and head of the OLED Light Business Division at LG Display, in a release this morning. “We expect that this will improve the price-competitiveness of OLED light technology which in turn will trigger widespread adoption of OLED lighting around the world.”

LG said in its release that OLED light panels offer high commercial potential for lighting manufacturers. As a lighting solution, OLED is easier on the eyes than conventional sources such as fluorescent and LED, as it is very close to sunlight and offers great uniformity in its luminescence. It is virtually heatless, meaning that it can be used to illuminate, for example, food displays or antique wooden furniture or buildings.

LG has set up a new website to promote the Luflex line: Luflex: LG OLED Light