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General Cable Announces Electrical Distribution Channel Award Winners at NEMRA

Feb. 9, 2018
United Electrical Sales, Ltd., Orlando, FL, won General Cable’s prestigious Representative of the Year award.

General Cable, Highland Heights, KY, presented performance awards to their representative sales agencies for accomplishments made in 2017. United Electrical Sales, Ltd., Orlando, FL, won General Cable’s prestigious Representative of the Year award. To achieve this honor, the representative sales agency must first be a member of the Director’s Club for the year and then have gone on to achieve spectacular results for that year as well.

“United Electrical Sales, Ltd. (UES) has quickly assimilated into the General Cable family and has become a dedicated, strong extension of our team,” said Sujata Sullivan, Director of Sales, General Cable, in the press release. “Each representative from UES excels in building trust and respect with all our key distribution partners in representing General Cable and becoming their reliable resource. This team has become technically savvy on our complete product offering in a short time and has been instrumental in growing our business in the Southeast by 47% year-over-year in sales dollars and 62% year-over-year in metal pounds. UES has also been honored to win NEMRA’s highly-coveted NEMMY award for 2017.” Other reps also won some big awards. Each year, General Cable’s Electrical Distribution inside sales associates select the Representative Inside Sales Associate of the Year. For 2017, the award was presented to Terence Uhler of Pacific Western Agencies, Inc. for his overall knowledge of General Cable’s products, processes, computer systems, clients and markets, as well as his ability to deliver outstanding customer service. In addition, Terence has exhibited the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully grow sales and manage daily business flow.

In addition, General Cable also presented the Director’s Club Awards, which are presented to those who represent General Cable’s product offering – including Carol Brand, STABILOY Brand and Helix/HiTemp products – and are selected based on obtainment of 2017 business plan objectives. The 2017 awards went to:

  • Byron Carson Co., Inc.
  • C.C. Pierce Company, Inc.
  • Cardel Criste
  • Davenport & Associates
  • Defazio Industries
  • Dsi Southwest
  • United Electrical Sales-GA/AL
  • Electrotech Inc.
  • I-Pro, Inc.
  • One Source Associates
  • Pacific Western Agencies, Inc.
  • Burrus & Matthews
  • United Electrical Sales, Ltd.