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Porter Lighting Sales to Lead Nora Lighting Sales and Marketing Efforts in SoCal

Jan. 19, 2018
Don and Gina Porter lead Porter Lighting Sales. They who have more than 20 years experience representing the Nora product line.

Nora Lighting has announced a major new sales and marketing strategy for southern California with the appointment of Porter Lighting Sales (PLS) as the agency for all commercial representation. PLS will oversee the entire network of Nora marketing channels, including distribution, electrical, specification, showroom and internet. PLS is headed by Don and Gina Porter, who have more than 20 years experience representing the Nora product line. The firm is based in Brea, CA, and is committed to major staff expansions to oversee the multiple Nora markets.

“Nora Lighting is taking charge of our sales and marketing efforts throughout southern California with this new initiative,” saidFred Farzan, Nora Lighting CEO and president, in a press release. “By tying all segments together we hope to achieve improved market penetration, provide consistent education and training, and facilitate faster information flow across all business segments.

“This innovative strategy is in response to market demands. Today’s lighting buyers and specifiers want the highest levels of product knowledge and design expertise in real time, in order to make smart decisions. With his many years of hands-on experience, Don Porter is a go-to person that southern California customers trust for his expert LED knowledge. He has a reputation as a problem-solver and is up-to-date on evolving LED technologies and well-acquainted with all product lines and trends. This synergy will build greater mutual sales through unified efforts in presentation, promotion and education.”