GE Partners with Rambus to Develop Flat-Panel LED Lighting for Commercial Market

July 9, 2010
GE Lighting, Cleveland, signed a broad licensing agreement with Rambus Inc., a technology licensing company based in Los Altos, Calif

In a move it says will accelerate LED product development, particularly in the promising area of flat-panel sources for architectural and general-purpose lighting, GE Lighting, Cleveland, signed a broad licensing agreement with Rambus Inc., a technology licensing company based in Los Altos, Calif. The deal gives GE the use of Rambus’ patented lighting innovations, including its product reference designs and manufacturing process know-how. The initial focus will be to create a flat-panel LED lighting system for architectural and commercial lighting for global markets, the companies said.

“One of our objectives as a lighting innovator is to quickly launch leading-edge products that can accelerate the adoption of quality LED lighting solutions around the world in commercial and residential settings,” said Michael Petras, Jr., president and CEO of GE Lighting. “We want to provide customers with more unique LED innovations, and this agreement helps us get there faster.”

Rambus launched its Lighting and Display Technology business in 2009, taking advantage of a technology-licensing platform the company has developed over the past 20 years. During that time, Rambus has licensed its patented inventions to industry-leading electronics companies for computers, HDTVs and gaming systems. Using this licensing platform, GE has access to breakthrough Rambus lighting technology for a broad range of new LED-based illumination products.

Rambus’ suite of lighting solutions includes LED edge-lit optical designs, MicroLens light distribution features and high-volume, low-cost light guide panel and multi-function film manufacturing technologies. These innovations allow manufacturers to harness all the benefits of LEDs in affordable general lighting products, using fewer or lower-cost LEDs, while delivering excellent light quality and output., the companies said.

GE already offers its global base of customers an extensive line of LED products for architectural, retail display, signage, outdoor, roadway and transportation lighting applications. Aside from products and lighting systems, GE has been active in addressing global industry issues of LED quality and reliability by pushing for a universal set of LED performance standards. Much of this work with organizations such as the European Lamp Companies Federation, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), the U.S. Department of Energy, ANSI, Intertek and IESNA centers on the development of measurement, efficiency and performance guidelines that clarify LED standards, GE said.