Hubbell Leads March To IDEA Certification

June 25, 2004
Thirty-four manufacturers have been certified by IDEA’s Data Audit Certification Program (DAC).

Thirty-four manufacturers have been certified by IDEA’s Data Audit Certification Program (DAC).

Developed by IDEA, Rosslyn, Va., the DAC program examines more than 24 criteria to ensure that information submitted to the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) meets business data specifications for electrical distributors. IDEA, owned and operated jointly by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), St. Louis, and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, launched the DAC program late last year.

Of the 34 companies now DAC- certified, 13 are business units of Hubbell Inc., Orange, Conn. The company has been an early and ardent supporter of electronic business communications in the electrical business, back to the earliest days of EDI and vendor management inventory (VMI).

“IDEA’s Data Audit Certification program creates a benchmark for all manufacturers’ data that will help ensure a more efficient supply chain,” said Timothy Powers, IDEA chairman of the board, and president and CEO, Hubbell Inc., Orange, Conn. “The hidden cost within our respective operations to rectify incorrect data has been a cost of doing business for long enough. The Data Audit Certification program, in conjunction with today’s technology, can have a significant impact on lowering costs throughout the supply chain.

“Hubbell is committed to do all it can to reduce the unnecessary costs of inaccurate information and any manual effort to overcome data quality deficiencies. We encourage all electrical manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to distribution by participating in this important program.”

David Beattie, IDEA chair on NAED’s board of directors and president and CEO of McNaughton-McKay Electric Co., Madison Heights, Mich., said, “We strongly believe that data quality is the most important single thing that can improve the cost structure of electrical distribution in general, and the Data Audit Certification program certainly needs to be supported by all electrical distributors and manufacturers. Accurate, prompt data is the only way we are going to reduce our internal cost structure and be competitive on a world-wide basis.”

When the DAC program was launched last year, Mike Rioux, IDEA president, said in an Electrical Wholesaling article that it would help manufacturers realize additional efficiencies in synchronizing their data.

“Without this program, it has been an uphill battle getting data synchronized,” he said. “The return on investment for participating in the DAC program exceeds the cost of having the data reviewed by Profile Systems by a factor or 150.”

As of June 14, DAC certified the following manufacturers for providing quality data to the electrical distribution channel:

Advance Transformer Co., Burndy Products/FCI, Bryant Electric/Hubbell, CRC Industries Inc., Carlon; Capri Omega Lighting/Genlyte Thomas, Columbia Lighting/Hubbell, Day-Brite Lighting/Genlyte Thomas, Dual-Lite/Hubbell, Edwards Signaling and Security Systems, E.M. Wiegmann/Hubbell, Exitronix Inc., General Cable Corp., Halco Lighting Corp., Hubbell Canada Inc., Hubbell Lighting, Hubbell Wiring Devices-Kellems, Ilsco Corp., Killark Electric/Hubbell, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc., Osram/Sylvania Inc., Panduit Corp. (U.S.), Panduit Corp. (Canada), Pass and Seymour/Legrand, Hubbell Premise Wiring, Prescolite Life Safety/Hubbell Inc., Prescolite/Hubbell Inc., Progress Lighting Inc./Hubbell Inc., Robroy Industries, Raco/Hubbell, Shat-R-Shield Inc., Southwire Co., Walker/Wiremold, and Wiremold Co.

More than 80 manufacturers are now in the process of having their data certified. Audited by a neutral third party, Comergent Inc., Redwood City, Calif., the certification program’s purpose is to achieve maximum data synchronization between IDW trading partners. With clean data, electrical distributors will have the information they need to reduce supply chain costs and increase profitability.