Hunt Power Announces Plans to Acquire E-MON to Bolster Meter Business

Feb. 22, 2002
In a move that will broaden its reach from utilities to end users at commercial, industrial and institutional installations, Hunt Power L.P. of Dallas

In a move that will broaden its reach from utilities to end users at commercial, industrial and institutional installations, Hunt Power L.P. of Dallas has acquired E-MON Corp., Langhorne, Pa., one of the largest manufacturers of submetering equipment.

E-MON, with 36 employees, manufactures electric meters and other energy hardware, software and services for the electric submetering industry. E-MON has more than 3,000 distributors supported by 29 independent sales representative agencies. Historically, E-MON's focus has been on providing metering solutions to end users at apartment complexes, factories, airports and other buildings that need who want to monitor their power useage or the power consumption of tenants monitored.

Hunt Power provides solutions in the electric industry in traditional IPP generation, distributive generation, metering and information.

Hunt has a subsidiary called UDRI, which offers services for collecting interval data and presenting that data on the Internet. According to Don Millstein, E-MON's president, UDRI's focus is utilities, but it is looking to get to end-users. E-MON's focus is on end-users, but it is looking to expand to utilities. Hunt also has interest in distributed generation, large-scale generation and a utility along the Texas/Mexico border called Sharyland Utilities, said Millstein.

According to E-MON, EMON's brand recognition and dominance of the electric submeter market was a factor in the acquisition. “As the established No. 1 player, E-MON is a logical fit with Hunt Power and its subsidiaries. These synergies will allow us to offer a full slate of demand-side and billing solutions to our current utility customers and E-MON's existing end-users. Needless to say, we're quite pleased with the new doors this will open for us.”

UDRI has sold its services directly to utilities. They are looking to market their services to end-users through E-MON's existing channels. One of the prevailing features in the acquisition was E-MON's strong market channels and the ability to leverage its distributors and sales reps with Hunt's products and accelerate E-MON's R&D to bring new products to market through the existing channel.

E-MON's Langhorne, Pa., office will continue as the company's executive, sales and marketing, manufacturing and engineering operations while the San Diego facility will continue to provide additional manufacturing support and house the West Coast sales/marketing team. The company will continue to use the E-MON name.

The combined resources of Hunt and E-MON will be able to offer utilities and their customers a complete package of hardware and software, energy data from the main utility meter outside the building to the meter data for individual electric circuits such as HVAC and lighting inside a building. In addition, tenant and departmental submetering will give end-users the information to run their buildings more profitably and with a focus on energy conservation.