Around the Industry - Nov 2, 2012

Nov. 2, 2012
EECOL launches renewables division; Sandy Cutler on Mad Money; Griffith Electric trade show draws a crowd; and more.

Canada’s EECOL launches new renewable division

EECOL, the largest electrical distributor in western Canada, recently commissioned a PV system on the roof of its main location in Calgary, Alberta, as part of its efforts to build it is renewable business through its new sustainable energy division. According to a press release issued by Sustainable Energy Technology Ltd., Calgary, a designer and manufacturer of smart-grid inverters for distributed electrical generation and storage systems that has its Paralex PV inverters in the system, EECOL’s PV array is the largest solar power system in Alberta. EECOL, which was recently acquired by WESCO Distribution Inc., Pittsburgh, has begun offering standardized solar PV packages to electrical contractors and homebuilders.

Jason Zurowski, manager of Energy and Sustainability Solutions at EECOL Electric said in the press release, “Our customer base is looking for a simple modular product solution to streamline installation and approvals, and to reduce design and procurement costs. For smaller systems we like the micro-inverter and for larger systems we like the systems built around the Paralex inverter. The parallel approach makes it easy to adjust the system layout as the final structural requirements are defined and allow our contractors to keep their focus on getting the job done.”

Eaton Corp.’s Sandy Cutler on CNBC’s Mad Money again

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is a big fan of Eaton Corp., and Sandy Cutler is a regular guest on the show. According to a CNBC report, Cutler had some interesting things to say on the fiscal cliff and its impact on his customers’ buying plans for 2013.

Said Cutler on Mad Money, “As we’ve approached year-end this year, for many of our customers, the reality of trying to plan around this uncertainty has become much closer in. So while a year ago, I think people found it interesting in sort of an academic sense to talk about the impact of the cliff, now they’re really trying to figure out should they buy ahead of that or should they wait afterwards.”

Griffith’s “Powered by America” trade show attracts 200 attendees

In early October, Griffith Electric Supply Co., Trenton, N.J, welcomed 200 people to its facility for a Powered By America trade show. Included were the 21 suppliers that support the program, and for that day, exhibited only products that their company makes in the USA. The warehouse and tables were decked out in red, white and blue and the suppliers were encouraged to “Americanize” their displays. Griffith Electric implemented this program in early 2012 in an effort to support the American workers by supporting American manufacturing. You can learn more about this program at

Omni Cable opens new stocking facility in Charlotte, N.C.

Omni Cable Corp., West Chester, Pa., has opened a new location in Charlotte, N.C., its 11th branch in the United States. The new branch will service the North Carolina, Kentucky, eastern Tennessee and southern Virginia markets. Bryan Dabruzzi, will be regional manager for the 25,000-sq-ft facility, which will stock more than $4 million in specialty wire and cable inventory and offer same-day shipping, cut to specified length orders, striping and emergency service.

NEMA offers advice on averting power outages

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is offering complimentary copies of its study “After the Storm—Strategies for reducing the impact of power outages through a stronger, smarter electric grid” as a refresher for policy makers and others in involved in the cleanup after Hurricane Sandy. The study presents suggestions for building a more resilient electrical grid, recommendations on what public officials can do to promote a stronger grid, explanations of the technology involved, and tips to minimize risks associated with downed power lines. The study is available at

More information about electrical hazards associated with submerged electrical appliances, portable generators, and other dangers caused by severe storms and floods is available from NEMA and the Electrical Safety Foundation International.