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Electrical Product Potential: State-Level

Sept. 28, 2017
Electrical Marketing subscribers now have exclusive access to regional annual sales forecasts for more than 20 electrical product categories.

Electrical Marketing subscribers will now have exclusive access State-Level Annual  Sales Forecasts for more than 20 electrical product categories, including lighting equipment; distribution equipment & switchgear; circuit protection equipment; boxes and enclosures; wiring devices, utility products and VDV (voice-data-video) equipment.

EM’s editors developed this new resource with 2017 sales forecasts from Electrical Wholesaling’s Market Planning Guide and product mix data submitted by more than 120 full-line Top 200 electrical distributors. You can click on the map below or click here to access the data. If you want to see individual state data in a table format, just scroll down to the green box below and click on "View the Full List." We will update our Electrical Product Sales Potential Data at the state level with the 2018 data in the next few weeks.