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A microgrid in Sendai Japan Public domain
<p>A microgrid in Sendai, Japan. Public domain.</p>

Report Forecasts U.S. Microgrid Investments Over Next Five Years

The microgrid market looks like a promising growth opportunity for electrical companies with some expertise in related areas like utility, heavy industrial and large-scale commercial projects. According to a new report from the research team at Greentech Media (GTM), cumulative investment in microgrids in the United States over the next five years may surpass $3.5 billion.

By 2020, according to “North American Microgrids 2015: Advancing Beyond Local Energy Optimization” the U.S. will be home to an estimated 2.8 gigawatts of total microgrid capacity, a 127 percent cumulative capacity increase relative to 2015 numbers.

Source: GTM Research's report North American Microgrids 2015

Fuel-based generators represent nearly all generation to date, GTM Research said, but renewables are expected to grow by more than tenfold to 730MW and will account for 26% of total microgrid capacity by 2020.

Here's where you can find out more about the study:

Cumulative US Microgrid Investments Will Surpass $3.5 Billion From 2015-2020

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