Philips Lighting moving research to Cambridge in alliance with MIT

Philips Lighting moving research to Cambridge in alliance with MIT

Lighting giant Philips Lighting announced plans to consolidate its North American research center to Kendall Square in Cambridge, Mass., as part of a five-year research alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The collaborative alliance focuses on healthcare technology and connected lighting systems. In lighting, the collaboration will explore the advancement of energy-efficient lighting systems and services for densely populated cities, Philips said in a release.

“With a total budget of $25 million for the five-year term, this is the largest research alliance undertaken by the company in the region. It is an integral part of a broader Philips strategy to accelerate innovation and business growth. This also includes moving the company’s research center to Cambridge, Mass., allowing Philips to collaborate with other leading-edge institutes and partner companies as part of the area’s rich innovation ecosystem. The move to Cambridge, within close proximity of the MIT campus, will allow Philips researchers to collaborate readily with MIT faculty and Ph.D students on jointly defined research programs, as well as participate in open innovation projects.  ”

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