Navigant Forecasts Global Decline in Lamp Revenues

Navigant Research put out its latest analysis of the energy-efficient lighting market and came to the conclusion that declining unit prices for lamps will bring down global revenues for lamps from its estimate of  $23 billion in 2017 to $21.5 billion in 2026. The study covers seven lamp types and eight building types, as well as luminaire and lamp unit shipments for new construction and retrofits.

The firm’s report looks at the decline in popularity of linear and compact fluorescent lamps as LEDs have begun to supplant more inefficient legacy lighting technologies. “Historically, fluorescent tubes have led in the commercial building market, but they are losing favor to the more efficient and longer lasting LEDs, especially in new construction and retrofit projects,” Navigant said.

Navigant's release: Market Data: Energy Efficient Lighting for Commercial Markets

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