Deco Lighting parking lot installation

Deco Lighting parking lot installation

Energy Service Company Gexa Partners to Provide LED Retrofits

The surge of activity in lighting retrofits, driven by the ever-improving economics offered by LED lighting, is several years old now. Strange then, that energy service companies (ESCOs) haven’t moved rapidly to make lighting a core competency in the energy efficiency upgrades they offer customers. It does happen though.

Gexa Energy Solutions, a Houston-based energy services company, affiliate of energy retailer Gexa Energy, LP, and subsidiary of renewable power generator NextEra Energy, Inc., is teaming up with Deco Lighting to offer businesses a new service to update their facilities with energy-efficient LED technology. The program is designed to save customers money on their lighting costs and be easy to implement for retrofit applications and new construction.

By updating older lighting to LED, Gexa said in a release, businesses can reduce their energy costs for lighting by up to 50% for indoor lighting and by up to 70% for outdoor lighting, according to a Deco Lighting analysis.

“A typical business spends 20%-30% of the electricity bill on lighting according to the Department of Energy, and customers who select our program can reduce this expense by 50%-70%,” said Brian Landrum, president of Gexa Energy. “They also have the added benefit of being able to easily adjust LED lighting levels in the facility using Deco’s innovative design. Improved lighting levels offer additional safety, as well as create a more aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable work environment.”

Says Sam Sinai, CEO of Commerce, Calif.-based Deco Lighting, “We’re thrilled to be working with a company that shares our vision for providing cost-effective, green energy solutions to forward-thinking customers who care about the environment. Gexa Energy Solutions and its affiliates have the largest portfolio of renewable energy products in the market and, combined with our state-of-the-art LED technology and ten-year warranty, ensure that we are working together to provide innovative energy solutions to customers.”

Normally, renewable energy and lighting efficiency projects are procured independently. Through its family of companies, Gexa Energy Solutions and its affiliates can offer customers a comprehensive energy plan that incorporates a portfolio of solutions including commodity, energy efficiency, water conservation, demand response, energy monitoring, solar, wind and battery storage. “We recommend customers complete the LED Lighting retrofit first to reduce their total energy and capital required, and then move to incorporate green resources such as solar photovoltaics or wind.”

A key benefit Gexa cited for choosing Deco Lighting as a partner was its 10-year limited warranty. “One of the reasons we partnered with Deco Lighting is that their 10-year limited warranty is twice that of others we have found on the market,” said Landrum. “Members of our team have worked with them for years and have field tested their technology, which is designed and assembled in America, and we feel confident that they deliver an innovative and reliable LED lighting solution for customers.”

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