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Image courtesy of Deltavation
<p>Image courtesy of Deltavation</p>

ANSI Introduces New Lamp Base and Holder Standards for Tubular LEDs

Image courtesy of Deltavation

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, VA, said that ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C81 revised two standards for the lighting industry regarding lamp bases and lamp holders for tubular LED (T-LED) lamps.

ANSI C81.61-2017 American National Standard for Electric Lamp Bases—Specifications for Bases (Caps) for Electric Lamps and ANSI C81.62-2017 American National Standard for Electric Lampholders together provide standard specifications for T-LED that differentiate between fluorescent and LED tubular lamps.

Mike May, CEO of Deltavation and ASC C81 committee member, explained the significance of the G6.6 design. “The tubular LED (T-LED) industry has a new connector system designed to mechanically hold and power T-LED lamps across a wide range of voltages. These revisions include the T-LED Snap-Fit design (G6.6 designation)—a base with two internal power pins and an additional ground pin that mates to an accompanying lamp holder.”

May explained that the Snap-Fit system provides differentiation between fluorescent and LED lighting. “This is a departure from the legacy external bi-pin system used for fluorescent tube lamps,” said May. “These standards now provide the marketplace with a base and lamp holder specifically designed for the T-LED industry.”

Underwiters Laboratories (UL) announced that it has new certification options for testing and certification of the new G6.6 lampholders and lamps that fit them. “We are excited to announce new general coverage options for both Surface Mount and Recessed LED Luminaires (IFAM and IFAO) that leverage the new ANSI G6.6 T-LED fit system based on requirements in UL 1598 (CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08 & NMX-J-307/1-ANCE), the Tri-National Standard for Luminaires,” said the UL website.

NEMA said its Lighting Systems Division, as the secretariat of ANSI’s ASC C81 for Bases, Lampholders & Gauges, is looking for industry experts to participate in standards development activities. Those interested who fall into the User, General Interest, and Producer categories can contact NEMA at [email protected] to share their expertise.

The two new standards are available from the NEMA website.

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