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Illustration 19276996 / Dirk Erck / Dreamstime
Iillustration 19276996 / Dirk Erck / Dreamstime
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Illustration 19276996 / Dirk Erck / Dreamstime

MacMurdo teams up with IP International

Jim MacMurdo, a long-time Ideal Industries veteran, has joined IP International as an associate, bringing his background in engineering and quality assurance technologies to augment IP Group International’s core skills in marketing and strategic planning. In addition to his 30 years of electrical experience, MacMurdo, brings a background in training, regulatory affairs and chemical formulations. Paul Eitmant, IP Group’s CEO, said in a press release that MacMurdo’s work in solving individual customer application needs is well known among electrical contractors, manufacturers, and electrical distributors. He spent 28 years with Ideal in various management quality/manufacturing and sales/marketing roles and was a certified Dale Carnegie instructor for over 13 years.