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China's "Queen of Lighting," Opple’s CEO Ma Xuihui (third from left), gets ready to enjoy some cake with employees at the company’s new European headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands. If that city sounds familiar, it’s because Philips has a major facility there.

China’s Queen of Lighting Opens European Headquarters in the Netherlands

Interesting commentary in www.energywatchnews.com  and www.luxreview.com on Opple, a rising Chinese lighting manufacturer managed by CEO Ma Xuihui, who's apparently called China’s “queen of lighting.” Haven't hear about Opple before? Check out this post at www.luxreview.com, which said in part:

“Opple serves as a symbol of everything that prompted Philips CEO Frans van Houten to decide that he’s had enough rough-and-tumble in the brave new world of digital lighting. Or at least enough of it to cast off lighting into a group that Philips won’t outright own and that therefore might somehow behave more nimbly in an industry increasingly characterized by fleet footed types. Lux Review had this to say about Opple, and its recent opening of an office in Holland, home of lighting giant Philips.


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