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Legrand Debuts Program for IoT in Buildings Video still: Legrand

Legrand Debuts Program for IoT in Buildings

Legrand North and Central America, New York, launched a new system for connecting intelligent products in the built environment. The system, called ELIOT, for electrical internet of things (IoT), consists of a purpose-built cloud environment, gateways for legacy technologies, an array of new natively connected devices and new intelligent technologies and services. Legrand was joined in the launch by partners Amazon Alexa, Samsung and Cisco.

“At Legrand, we have the technologies to facilitate better connectivity and intelligence that enable enhanced productivity, efficiency, comfort and sustainability. ELIOT aggregates these technologies and signals our intent to assure the market that Legrand will continue to advance connectivity and intelligence in the built environment,” John Selldorff, CEO of Legrand North and Central America, said in a release.

As of Nov. 2016, more than 22 million Legrand connection points are already in existence. Annual sales of Legrand connected devices were over $350 million in 2015, up 34% over 2014. Legrand is targeting double-digit sales growth for connected products by 2020 and doubling the number of connected product families from 20 in 2014 to 40 in 2020.

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