Wyoming Gubernatorial Candidate Says Wind Development Will Help Electrical Companies

Ron Micheli, a candidate for the GOP nomination for Wyoming governor, has taken a stand against wind tax proposals by Dave Feudenthal, the state's current governor. Micheli said in an op-ed piece in the Casper Star-Tribune posted online on Feb. 5 that the proposals “do not adequately consider the larger issue of keeping Wyoming competitive with other states." "As I have researched the issue and visited with landowners, wind energy representatives, and businessmen, I strongly believe that the timing of those taxes and the degree they burden the industry will drive wind energy away from Wyoming.”

Micheli also said wind development would help the Wyoming economy in “far-reaching ways.” “The concrete for the foundations of the turbines can be poured by Wyoming workers. Wyoming electricians, engineers, electrical supply distributors, contractors, construction workers and maintenance workers will build and maintain the turbines.” Casper Star-Tribune article

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