North Central Electrical Manufacturers Club reaches $500,000 in contributions

North Central Electrical Manufacturers Club reaches $500,000 in contributions

NCEL$500000-Donation-Press-Release-12-21-12LR200The North Central Electrical Manufacturers Club (NCEMC), Minneapolis, proudly announced that it hit a huge charity milestone shortly before Christmas. The NCEMC has tracked its donations back to 1987 and reached the $500,000+ milestone on Dec. 21 at its annual Holiday Party in Minneapolis. With their 2012 Holiday Party contribution of $3,000, the NCEMC topped the half-million mark at $500,890.00 in contributions. That’s a big number for a small organization of only 185 electrical manufacturer sales representatives serving the Upper Midwest’s Electrical Industry.

In addition to cash contributions, since 1987 members have also donated hundreds of hours as volunteers ringing the kettle bells on three Saturdays every December in the Twin Cities for The Salvation Army; donated thousands of pounds of non-perishable canned food and hundreds of toys at its annual Holiday Party; and made countless additional financial and in-kind contributions to area organizations on their own.

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