Navigant expects DC subsystem market to pass $24 billion by 2025

The future of electric power will include an increasing mix of direct current (DC) systems, particularly in the high-growth data center market, as well as solar and wind power system and the telecommunications and transportation markets. Navigant Research, Chicago, posted a report today forecasting that the market for DC distribution systems will surpass $24 billion worldwide by 2025, from a current $2.4 billion market today. 

“The most successful segment for DC distribution networks is low-voltage (i.e., 24V and 48V) systems for telecom towers,” says Peter Asmus, principal research analyst with Navigant Research.  “Increasingly, those towers are becoming anchor loads for networks expanding into village power systems, with formats that are unique to the developing world, especially India and Africa.”

The expansion of small, distributed energy sources at the retail distribution level of power service, including solar PV and wind turbines below 100 kW in size will be primary drivers in this market, Navigant said in a release. 

The report, “Direct Current Distribution Networks”, is available from Navigant's website.

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