IEWC Announces Two Executive Appointments

​IEWC (Milwaukee): The company appointed Lanny Million (top-left) to chief supply chain officer (CSCO) and Joseph Crum  (bottom-left) to chief marketing officer (CMO). Million, who most recently served as IEWC’s senior V.P of strategic global sourcing and business development, will take on the role of CSCO in addition to his current duties focused around strategic global supply.

In addition to his current responsibilities as IEWC’s chief information officer, Crum will assume the role of CMO and lead the build-up of IEWC’s marketing efforts both throughout the United States and abroad. He will be hiring a marketing director to ensure the proper strategies and alignments are in place within IEWC’s on-going marketing activities.

Anastasia Chapek, IEWC’s  global customer service director, will begin reporting to Joe Crum to better align her customer service role with the commercial side of the business.

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