Hurricane Sandy Coverage: Report from NYC's G&G Electric

Electrical Wholesaling magazine has reached out to readers in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, and reports are starting to come in on how they are dealing with the aftermath of this historic storm. We will be publishing them as they come in on Electrical Marketing’s LiveWire.

Larry Heimrath, G&G Electric, New York, N.Y.

With a location on West 24th Street in lower Manhattan, G&G Electric is right in the middle of power outage in the Big Apple. Here’s a report from Larry Heimrath, the company’s CEO, on his company’s situation:

“Our power is out at GG and not likely to be restored until Saturday AM (although I hope it will come back earlier). I and my employees have been able to get to GG, however with a lack of power there is little we can do. Once power is restored we have to deal with the issue of transportation of people and materials. As the subways are out, traffic is heavy. Additionally, until power is restored in lower Manhattan congestion is facilitated by the lack of traffic lights.

“I live near the Brooklyn Bridge and have always bicycled to work, so I am somewhat immune to traffic problems, however the lack of traffic lights greatly increases danger to cyclists.

“Upon restoration of power on Saturday, we will open business as normal on Monday...We are in the process of arranging car pools and will consider using GG for housing employees in rotating shifts.

“Many employees and family members in Brooklyn, LI, Staten Island, and NJ have no power. Our first concern remains the housing of family members without family. Our Brooklyn brownstone has power, Internet, and TV and will therefore serve to house family members with children. The task is difficult as we are undergoing an extensive renovation.

“At this juncture we are adjusting to the reality of storm damage and its consequences....we are New Yorkers! This stuff happens to others, not to us......Mother Nature has made an adjustment to that hubris.”

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