GE going on tour to promote electric vehicles

GE is taking its EV business on tour in seven U.S. cities to bring GE experts together with local businesses, industry leaders and public sector stakeholders for educational workshops, test drives, and dialogue on the business case for EV ecosystems.

GE has already committed to purchase 25,000 EVs by 2015 for its own fleet and for fleet customers. The company is hosting the "EV Experience Tour" to help other businesses and key stakeholders understand technical and business approaches for deploying pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Each day-long stop in cities along the tour will include presentations by GE and community leaders, workshops to help stakeholders with EV planning, deployment, and integration strategies and test drives. Tour dates scheduled so far are: San Francisco, March 10; Seattle, March 15; Los Angeles, March 17; and San Diego, March 22. Additional dates for GE's EV Experience Tour will be announced in Austin, Texas, New York, and Washington, D.C. for later this spring. Details

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