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Ferraz Shawmut Changes Name to Mersen

Ferraz Shawmut, Newburyport, Mass.-based manufacturer of fusegear and other circuit-protection devices, has changed its name to Mersen, in line with an overall change at its parent company Carbone Lorraine, Paris, France. Carbone Lorraine and all its subsidiaries will now be known as Mersen.

“We have not been purchased,” said Daniel Beaudron, vice president and general manager for Mersen USA Newburyport-MA, LLC, in a press release. “The name change reflects a corporate-wide strategic initiative to unify our vision, product solutions and markets. Over time, we found that our various subsidiaries were catering to the same markets with complementary product solutions. In a global marketplace, it just makes sense to operate under one name. It focuses us all on a common goal.”

The company's brands, such as Amp-Trap fuses, Surge-Trap surge protective devices, UltraSafe fuse modules, TPMOV technology, and Tri-Onic class RK 5 fuses will remain the same.

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