Eaton execs ring Opening Bell at N.Y. Stock Exchange

Eaton execs ring Opening Bell at N.Y. Stock Exchange

NYSEPodiumWithEatonWhen CEO Sandy Cutler and his management team at Eaton Corp. rang the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, Oct. 21, it dramatized the company's beginnings 100 years ago on this date. Inventor Viggo Torbensen and entrepreneur Joseph Eaton founded the company that would become Eaton Corp. Combining their ingenuity, Torbensen and Eaton developed an axle that enabled trucks to endure the rugged roads of the early 20th century, consume less fuel and demand less maintenance. Based in Cleveland since 1915, Eaton was first listed on the NYSE in 1923. The company has paid dividends on common shares every year since its initial listing. Details

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