Alliance to promote smart lighting

Alliance to promote smart lighting

The AllSeen Alliance, a San Francisco-based cross-industry collaboration to advance device connectivity through an open source software project, recently announced an initiative designed to change how homeowners and business owners think about and interact with lighting systems in their homes and businesses.

The alliance’s new Connected Lighting Working Group will develop ways for IP-enabled, multi-color and energy-efficient LED light bulbs to work in creative new ways with each other and things including televisions, home security systems, home appliances, smoke detectors and door locks.

Members of the working group are collaborating on lighting services for the AllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn open source Internet of Everything project, leveraging its capabilities for discovery, security and interoperability to develop a new AllJoyn framework for lighting called the Lighting Service Framework (LSF). The LSF will enable interoperability between connected devices and lights, but also provide third-party developers of building applications a way to discover and control lighting in an open, common way across manufacturers.

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