Walmart breaks $10 barrier with new LED 60W replacement lamps

Some LED manufacturers seemed to have pegged the $10 mark as the price point to hit for LED replacement lamps, and earlier this week Walmart announced the launch of its Great Value line of LED light bulbs for less than $10 in all of its U.S. stores. The new line will be available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and at

According to a company press release, Walmart’s new Great Value line includes 26 LED lightbulb types, including both dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs to replace 60W at less than $10 per LED, and 65W equivalent LEDs at $14.88 for non-dimmable LEDs and $15.88 for dimmable LEDs.

The company will also offer a new, dimmable 60W equivalent GE LED lightbulb for less than $11. “GE and Walmart have worked in close concert for more than a decade to pioneer new applications for commercial LEDs,” said John Strainic, GE Consumer Lighting general manager. “We have taken the good collaboration we’ve made with Walmart to increase the energy efficiency of their facilities, and are beginning to make the same in-roads in the consumer lighting aisle.”

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