Vu1 moving to New York to be closer to distributors

A story today from the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that lighting manufacturer Vu1 (VUOC) is moving its headquarters from Seattle to New York as it looks to begin manufacturing lamps. The reason?

"...because many wholesale and retail electrical distributors and utilities are located on the East Coast, and 'the company believes it will be advantageous to be located [closer] to this key customer base.'" the Business Journal reported.

The company's COO Philip Styles will step up to the CEO role in place of R. Gale Sellers, who will continue to serve on Vu1's board.

Vu1 makes a line of energy-efficient lamps based on its own "electron stimulated luminescence" (ESL) technology that it proposes as an efficient and mercury-free alternative to incandescent, fluorescent and LED options. The company plans to begin production this fall with various sizes of reflector lamps, and to reach full-scale manufacturing in 2011, according to Vu1 Chairman Duncan Troy, in a release.

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