Van Meter Industrial named top ESOP

Van Meter Industrial, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was been selected by The ESOP Association as the 2011 ESOP Company of the Year. The award was presented at the Association's 34th Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

Van Meter Industrial is a strong supporter of employee ownership and The ESOP Association. and the company's employee-owns take an active role in the Iowa/Nebraska Chapter of the Association and participate in Chapter meetings, present programs at these events, write articles for Association publications, and participate in Employee Ownership Month activities every October.

In addition to Association activities, the company also hosts several of their own including: Guess the Value Contest, in which every employee owner has a chance to guess the company's stock value; an Annual ESOP Statement Roundtable to educate employee owners in all locations; and a Work 10 Years and Get 5 Free Years which helps employee owners understand more about the ESOP and think about their future with the company.

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