Twitter tests marketing “Buy Now” button with Home Depot

Twitter apparently sees a big opportunity in e-commerce and is working with several big name retailers on a “Buy Now” button to sell their wares online, according to a post today at CNBC. Nathan Hubbard, Twitter’s commerce chief, said in the report that the idea is to make mobile shopping quick and easy, so a purchase can be made in just a few taps. Here’s more from that CNBC post: “Twitter is working with 28 partners in its initial test, including retailers Burberry and Home Depot, a number of artists, including Eminem, Pharrell, and Rhianna, and nonprofits, including Donorschoose, RED, and the Nature Conservancy. Twitter isn’t selling virtual goods, like gift cards — just physical products. “The temporal nature of Twitter makes real-time perishable goods seem to fit right in our wheelhouse,” said Hubbard.

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